There are artists that catch our attention and artist that both touch and challenge the deepest corners of our souls.  Brig Feltus is a fiery combination of both.  Her eccentric and bold approach to her music, appearance and life in general are in complete contradiction to her 4-H competition-filled childhood in Compton, but even still, her tenacity to push beyond the paradigms fuels and illuminates her path.


Like many soul singers, Brig grew up singing in her mother’s church choir and filling notebook pages with poetry, but she would go on to study hairstyling and make-up at Vidal Sassoon and begin her career behind the scenes.  That was until her mid-thirties when a cousin hired her to help co-write her album.  In the midst of the project she realized the true power of her own gift.


The self-proclaimed alternative-soul singer grew up with a melodic collage of influence ranging from jazz and gospel to blues and disco with a splash of country and folk-rock for good measure.  All of which were markers in her first LP Love & Light Vol. 1 (2007).

Songs like How Far, Chrysalis Child and Once in Your Life

introduced the world to her vibrant metamorphosis as an artist.  Her refreshing inclusive approach helped to garner a following on social media and pack the room at her live shows around Los Angeles.  Never one to conform, Brig’s latest EP The Hungry Beast Sessions Phase One Unleashed is a gift wrapped in provocatively engaging lyrics that send ripples upon an otherwise uncharted territory.


The EP is infused with cutting edge synth technology called RESHI created by composer/filmmaker/tech prodigy Kenn Michael.  The software allows for the incorporation of holistic frequencies in music and is the first of its kind in the history of Western civilization.


From God, Hungry Beast and World on Fire, will push your mind to places subconsciously and unconsciously hidden away pulling the through and exposing the raw throbbing desire to know more not only about her, but yourself.  Her unabashed security in her truth and message resonate within each melody and lyric whether she’s rocking a sure-to-be-anthem or crooning over a ballad.  It is this grit that keeps people coming back for more.